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Slate Insulations have an effective process of extracting ineffective cavity wall material in properties with cavity wall problems.

Health & Safety Policy

This policy has been produced to show our arrangements as required by section 2(3) of the Health and safety at work act 1974. It shows our details of ensuring Health and Safety to obtain an outcome of reducing injuries protecting the environment, reducing loses and liabilities in turn obtaining a good business ethic in business performance.

It is our policy:

  1. To safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all operatives whilst at work. Giving them as far reasonably practical working environments which are safe and without risk by using an elimination process and communication before and during all tasks carried out on all sites.
  2. To ensure all employees are aware if the content of this policy and understand it in its entirety.
  3. To ensure that with reasonable undertakings that people not involved with our works are not exposed in any way to risks.
  4. To undertake and maintain the relevant health and safety requirements set down in legislation and make these our minimum standards.
  5. To give all staff the relevant training in the task at hand in which they are employed to carry out.
  6. To adhere to the risk assessments control measures that have been identified in the risk assessment statements issued. To carry out the said operations with in all health and safety legislation.
  7. To include all personnel involved in the tasks and sites informing them of their responsibilities to carry out all works responsibly to prevent injury/ill health to themselves and or others.
  8. To ensure all operatives are competent to carry out the task they have been allocated to carry out.
  9. To ensure that health and safety receive the same input and acknowledgement as any other part of the daily run business.
  10. The use of expert advice will be called upon at any time if any concerns are raised on any of the above statements.
  11. Establishing safe working arrangements for lone workers is no different from organising the safety of other employees, visitors etc. Lone workers should not be exposed to significantly higher risks than others who work together.
  12. Precautions should take account of normal working conditions and foreseeable emergency situations e.g. fire, equipment failure, illness and accidents.

When considering safe working arrangements managers will follow a hierarchical system based on the following;

  • Assessment of the seriousness of the risk
  • Avoidance of the risk
  • Control of the risk to the greatest possible degree
  • Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and security