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The benefits of insulating your property with modern, highly effective insulation materials.

Wall Insulation - What We Do

Slate Insulations Ltd. insulate cavity walls to minimise heat loss. We will fill the space in your wall with our two system cavity wall insulation - SIG Superfill 40. This lessens the air within the cavity preventing convection and can substantially reduce space heating costs.

  • Reduction of Energy Bills by 35%
  • Prevention of Heat Loss by 35%
  • A Warmer House
  • Reduction of Condensation
  • External Noise Reduction
  • Carbon Reduction of CO2 Emissions
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance

To insulate your cavity walls, the installer drills small holes at intervals of around 1m in the outside wall of your home. With specially designed equipment, they then blow the insulation into the cavity. We then make good all the holes by using our many colour dies to match the joints in the brickwork and in rendered properties we would use a colour mix cement for a smooth or rough texture. You can see examples of our insualtion work in our project gallery.

Hard To Treat Cavity Walls - Our Speciality

Nearly 6 million properties in the UK have cavity walls that are classed as ‘hard-to-treat’. These are also sometimes known as ‘hard-to-fill’. This means that they cannot be insulated using the same methods and products as a standard cavity wall.

The standard practice for insulating a hard-to-treat cavity is to drill holes in the outer leaf of brickwork and inject the insulation material into the wall cavity.

Free Replacement of Defective Cavity Wall Insulation

Slate Insulations Ltd. provide a process of extracting ineffective cavity wall material after damp has damaged the walls. This process offers a much more effective way of returning the customers property back to its original condition, before the damage was caused. Once wet, the material breaks down, becomes sodden and clumpy, therefore, rendering it inefficient. This inefficiency means that heat is lost through the walls, decreasing the warmth in the home resulting in using more heating/electricity.

Green Homes Grant

Read about the current Government Green Homes Grant Scheme.

If your property falls into any of the following categories you may be entitled to free cavity wall insulation:

  • Exposed To The Elements
  • Narrow Cavity Width (40-49mm)
  • Cavities requiring substantial remedial works
  • Cavities requiring non-standard materials or techniques
  • Three Storeys and Above Properties
  • Four Hours Remedial Work

Please note that we also provide an EXTERNAL WALL insulation service for properties with solid walls - please visit our sister site for full details.

Wall being injected with insulation material
Cavity Insulation Process
Wall insulation material
Cavity Insulation Process
Customer Reviews ...
Removal of old insulation and installation of new insulation and damp proof membrane. The team doing the work were great. They tidied up at the end of each day, not the easiest thing to do when creating dust and extracting blown fibre insulation!! Carl and Hannah were great to deal with when sorting out the removal and reinstallation. They answered all my questions without fuss.

- Customer in Bournemouth