Solar Panel Protection From Pigeons and Other Birds

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Protection for Solar PV Panels against pigeons and other birds by Slate Insulations Ltd. across the South including, Gosport, Fareham, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Pigeon Proofing Solar PV Panels

How do I keep birds away from my solar panels? It's a common question asked by homeowners wanting to know how to prevent pigeons from nesting under solar panels.

Bird Deterrants

Slate Insulations Ltd' specially designed pigeon–proofing system will protect solar panel installations from birds nesting underneath. We provide a professional bird protection, proofing and deterrent service for both residential and commercial solar heating system arrays throughout Hampshire and the South.

Hard Shading

Bird droppings are a real problem for solar heating – the technical expression is 'hard shading' which prevents the flow of electric current through the panels.

The Cost?
Solar pv panel bird protection
Solar pv panel bird protection
Solar pv panel bird protection
Solar pv panel bird protection

Highest quality of service giving complete peace of mind and guaranteed results.

Galvanised Mesh System

Slate Insulations Ltd will not simply attach chicken wire to your solar panels and hope for the best! We have a system specifically designed for use with solar pv panels.

It's a galvanised mesh designed to clip on to the side of solar panels to prevent pigeons and similar sized birds from gaining access.

The mesh we use has a width of 0.3m and a height of 30m with a wire thickness of 18 gauge – with a 12.5mm x 25mm hole size.

Effective Dimensions

Because of the size of the mesh holes our system will also work against a wide range of smaller birds including tits, starlings and sparrows.

Before installing the system we will deep clean everywhere around the site of the solar panels – jet washing if appropriate.

After the installation of our solar panel pigeon proofing system we will restore your system, where appropriate, and check that it is functioning correctly.

Bird Control


The cost of installing protection for your solar panels will obviously depend on the number of panels and how we are able to access them to carry out our intsallation process. It may be that we can conduct the work using ladders; however, if we need to erect scaffolding or use a cherry picker this will also determine the overall cost.


When we arrive on site, we will survey the project and set about removing any pigeons that are present – making a noise is a very effective method. Our next task is to remove the build–up of fouling/droppings. We take great care to avoid damaging any wiring particularly where there are are substantial masses of guano. After this we apply a biocide beneath the panels to remove any traces of insects or mites. Lastly, we fit the bird proofing materials around the edges of your panels using special galvanised steel sheet mesh.


If you've got this far it's probably no comfort to hear that prevention is better than a cure – especially when you're dealing with waht feels like a pigeon invasion. It's also very messy and unsightly. However, many of ourt customers have benefitted from hindsight and now make every effort to make life difficult for threatening birds.

Keeping surrounding areas free of twigs and dead leaves and any obvious nesting or sources of food – it's believed by many that pigeons find moth balls particularly unpleasant.